Passat 118 TSI Question

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Passat 118 TSI Question

Postby liquidforce » Wed Feb 12, 2014 9:49 am

The car should have a Shark Fin if the GPS is factory fitted (though these can be retro-fitted as well)
The unit is correct for the car and the maps are V5

I would not replace the H with - P - too small a difference.

I hope this is in the correct place. I have just driven a new/demonstrator Passat 118TSI, build date July 13, with 3500km on the clock; a nice car. Although having GPS fitted, it did not have a shark fin antenna. The GPS system said: HW: H09, SW: 5238 and map: 7679. My questions are:
(i) is this a factory installed GPS or dealer added, as the latest seems to be version P?
(ii) are VW shipping now without the shark fin antenna and old GPS versions?
(iii) would it be worth while pulling out the unit with the H version and replacing with the P version? The H version could go to our Golf.

Comments would be much appreciated.

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